EXTRAS: Bell Howell Splash wv30 Waterproof Camcorder For Sale!

I have a Bell Howell Splash wv30 waterproof camcorder for sale. It has only been used twice, and went underwater about six inches beneath surface only once. The camera works perfectly and takes great photos and videos. I am selling it only because I am trying to scrape together some money to buy a higher quality $900 camera. The camera comes in its original box with a carry case, battery, battery charger, and user’s manual.

Camera features:

  • Rotating LCD screen makes it easy to film from almost any angle, and makes selfies much easier
  • Is waterproof to ten feet deep
  • Battery life is long, and you can take many, many videos on one charge
  • Camera has an underwater mode that enhances footage taken underwater
  • LED light on the front of the camera brightens up subjects being filmed in low light
  • Night mode enables you to take great videos in low light
  • Easy-to-use controls make it simple to record videos and photos
  • Camera can shoot video at thirty or sixty frames per second

Bidding starts at $90 (retail price is $129)



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